7 Ways to Learn Python for Data Science

Are you interested in a career as a data scientist? Python is a great option! This article will explain everything you need to know about Python data science, including how to get started and what a Coding Dojo course is like.
What is Python for Data Science?
Data science is a field that blends statistics, computer science and business analysis to make sense large data sets. Data scientists use their skills and knowledge to create models that can make predictions, recommendations, and identify trends in data.
Python is an open-source programming language with simple syntax. It is extremely versatile for data science and many data scientists use Python to perform various tasks including data wrangling and analysis, visualization, machine learning, and machine-learning.
Why learn Python Data Science?
Python is the most used programming language. In 2018, 66% of data scientists reported using it every day. Learning Python data science will set you up for success. It will familiarize you with the code that you are most likely to use in your job.
Why is Python used for data science?
Python programming is useful in data science for many reasons. Here are a few examples:
Simple – Python’s syntax can be read and understood easily. It is easy to learn and easy for beginners.

Valuable – Python offers a variety of powerful libraries for data science such as NumPy and pandas.

Multipurpose – The Python programming language is versatile, so data scientists can use the language for a variety of tasks, including web development and scientific computing.

Open Source – Python is open source and free. This means that anyone can use it and a large community contributes to its development.

How to learn Python for Data Science
It’s easy to learn Python and a great way for you to get into data science. These are some tips to help you learn Python basics.
1. Python Data Science Books
Books can be considered old-fashioned, but they are still great resources for learning about technical domains like programming. A concise, well-written book can help you understand the basics of a topic quickly and without distractions.
2. Watch Python Data Science Tutorials
There are many excellent Python tutorials available on YouTube and DataCamp if you prefer to learn by doing. These tutorials can be a great way for you to practice Python basics and learn key concepts by following along with the code.
3. Register for a Data Science Bootcamp
If you are ready to make a commitment to learning data science, and are willing to put in both time and money to do so, enroll in a course like Coding Dojo’s Data Science Bootcamp.
These programs are designed by industry experts to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career as a data scientist. These programs are ideal for those who prefer to have the support of a mentor or other classmates while they learn.
4. Python Data Science Projects:
Doing is the best way to learn anything. Once you have the basics down, it is a good idea to get some practical experience with Python. There are many data science projects that you can do, including this one from Kaggle.
5. Get a Python Data Science Certificate
Although not required, some people find that a Python certification is helpful in getting hired or advancing their careers. You will need to pass an exam administered by a professional body like the Institute for Certified Computer Professionals in order to become certified.
6. Apply for a Python Internship
After you have mastered Python and are ready for real-world applications, you might consider applying to an internship. This is a great way to get your foot in front of the data science industry, and gain valuable experience.
7. Join a Python Community
A great way to learn Python data science is to join a community of likeminded people. There are many online and offline communities that you can join, including the Python Software Foundation, PyLadies and Django Girls. These communities are great places to meet new people, share your knowledge, and receive support as you learn.
Learn Python at Coding Dojo for Data Science
The Coding Dojo immersive Data Science Bootcamp will help you become a data scientist who is job-ready. Find out more about what you can expect when you enroll in the Data Science Bootcamp.
Data Science Bootcamp Overview
This data science bootcamp is a deep dive into data science and machine-learning with Python. The course will teach you the entire data science process, from data prep to data analysis and visualization.

Author: Kody