Blog: SAP C_BW4HANA_20 Exam Format

Are you looking to improve your career prospects by obtaining a professional certification To make it in this competitive world, are you going to take C_BW4HANA_20 the SAP exam? You are in the right place. You will find that certifications can help you achieve your career goals and unlock your true potential. The SAP C_BW4HANA_20 Data Acquisition and Reporting Modeling exam will help you earn a higher salary than the market average, and allow you to be considered for new responsibilities and opportunities.
Before you begin your preparation for the exam, you might want to look at the exam format. This includes the types of questions that you will be asked on exam day. To ensure that this exam is right to you, it is important to do your research. We are here to help you. Let’s learn more about the exam format so you can pass the exam.
SAP C_BW4HANA_20: Overview
TheReporting, Modeling and Data Acquisition using SAP BW/4HANA 2.x certification exam certifies that the candidate has the core and fundamental knowledge required to model, acquire data, and query design using SAP BW/4HANA. This exam is required to become a SAP Certified Application Associate. This certification certifies that the candidate has the technical knowledge and skills to be a mentor or member of a project team. This certification exam is a good entry-level qualification.
Target Audience
Candidates with entry-level qualifications and an understanding of SAP BW/4HANA query design, modelling, and data acquisition should take the C_BW4HANA_20 certification exam.
The exam format serves as a guideline for the exam. It covers all aspects and makes it easier to understand the exam. Before we get into the final race, let’s ensure we have all the details.
First, the C_BW4HANA_20 exam questions will have 80 questions. You have only 180 minutes to complete your exam. You must maintain a high level of accuracy and speed.
The second part of the exam includes Multiple Choice questions. Before marking your answer, you should be sure of it. We recommend that you use the method of elimination. It will help you eliminate all the bad options and find the right one.
The exam can also be taken in English or German.
The exam registration fee is USD 549 plus taxes. However, the price of an exam varies from one country to another so it is important to check your local area.
Candidates must score 64% or more to pass the qualifying bar exam.
Register for the exam
Follow these steps to register for the exam:
Firstly, Go to to Registers or login
Next, choose the certification that you wish to purchase and then add it to your basket.
You can also purchase the exam by paying the payment, and you will have access to the learning portal.
The learning hub will display a dashboard showing your status and purchased exam. You can schedule your exam by clicking here.
Register in the Asia-Pacific region
The rules for registering for SAP certification are very different in countries that are located in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes India. This is an important distinction that should be discussed as it directly impacts the cost of becoming certified SAP specialist.
You must have at least 1 (one) year SAP implementation experience, or 2 (two years) years support experience with at least 6 (six months) months of experience in the SAP module or version in which you want to become certified.
Your last year of work experience should be

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