Business Skills White Paper: Analyzing a Decade Of IT Trends Abstract The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary report is a window into IT departments and provides insight and opinions from professionals around the globe. Over 120,000 IT professionals have been surveyed for 10 years. We had 10 years of data to analyze and we identified four main trends: certifications, salaries and cloud computing. Sample It’s not enough for IT professionals just to “know computers.” Want to see how the perceived value has changed over time? This is a quote from our 2008 IT Skills and Salary Report: “There have been many articles and conversations regarding the value certification and in general, employer support seems to be mixed.” Wow, what a difference a decade makes. Our 2017 report shows that there are few mixed feelings. 94% of IT decision-makers believe that a certified team member adds value beyond the cost of certification. These benefits include faster troubleshooting and increased productivity, which are essential skills in today’s tech industry as the skills gap is steadily increasing. The pinnacle of achievement within the tech industry is now certifications. This is a significant shift in perspective from a decade ago, when many IT professionals didn’t fully understand the value of certification. The data clearly shows a rise in certification training demand when you look at 10 years worth of survey responses. In 2008, 9 per cent of respondents stated that the main reason they train was to prepare for certification. This number has increased to 47% in 2017. In 2008, only 38 percent of IT professionals had at least one certification. In 2017, 86 per cent are certified. 42 percent of respondents indicated that they planned to seek certification in the coming year in 2008. In 2017, 67 per cent will either seek certification or are in the process. Our survey respondents currently hold an average of three certifications. The tech industry is competitive. Professionals often plan for their next certifications many years in advance. Download

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