How to prepare for Microsoft Azure certification AI100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI solution

Microsoft recently announced AI certification Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution. (AI-100).
The release date is expected to be 15 March 2019, but you can still try it in beta.

What is the AI-100 Certification?
AI-100 Certification is available to engineers with intermediate-to expert level knowledge of Machine Learning. They are responsible for deploying AI solutions on Azure using various AI & ML technologies.
Certification Pattern

There were 62 questions, and it took 220 minutes to answer them. The instructions were also read for 20-30 minutes during this time slot.
My Experience:
AI-100 Certification is a test that will assess your ability to use Azure AI Services in a solution. Candidates should be able to design an entire solution, from gathering data to storing or displaying the results after Machine Learning.
Questions for certification were asked from Stream Analytics and Data Factory, Azure ML Studio and Bot Service, Event Hub, Azure IoT Hub. Azure Notebook, Cognitive Services. Storage Account, SQL Data Warehouse. HDInsight. Data Bricks. AI-100 did not have any labs, unlike the administrator series.
As many questions were asked, you will need to have knowledge of machine learning.
“You are deploying image processing solution…”
“You are using this… deep learning solution.”

Have a case study about Bot Service integration with Azure App Services.
Type of questions
These types of questions can be expected:
Scenario-based single answer question
Multiple choice questions
Arrange the type of questions in the correct order
Fill in the blanks based drag and drop questions
One case study, 5 questions
Please read the instructions carefully. You cannot go back and revise answers to some questions.
What to expect and how to prepare:
Topic breaking
Analyze the Solution Requirements (20-25%)
Design Solutions (30-35%)
Integrate AI Models in Solutions (25-30%)
Manage and deploy solutions (20-25%)
How to prepare:
Nothing is better than official Azure documentation and Microsoft learn. Microsoft learn includes hands-on labs. All labs for AI-100 are listed here.
CloudThat also offers a course on this topic, which I will be presenting. This course can be used to accelerate your certification journey. For more details kindly check following course details:
Microsoft Azure Certification BootCamp: AI-100 (Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining an Azure AI Solution).
Comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Author: Kody