How to use AWS ECC2 AMI Copy Feature

It was difficult until now to have the same EC2 EC2 AMI copied to multiple regions. AWS recently released a feature that allows you to copy your AMI across different regions. This is a major step in the deployment of scalable applications that exist across multiple regions. Anyone deploying any production app anywhere should copy their AMIs to multiple regions. This allows you to launch your application quickly in another region if the primary region is experiencing difficulties. You will also need to ensure that databases are migrated. But we will discuss that later.
Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the feature.
AWS has made it so simple.
Go to and go to the EC2 section of the console. Select the region where your AMI is at the moment.
Click on “AMIs” to select the AMI you wish to copy. Click on “Copy AMI”, as shown below.

In the window that opens select the region where you want the AMI copied.

Select “Copy AMI”

That’s all. In a matter of minutes, the AMI will be available for the new region. With the same AMI, you can now start applications in the new area. This is a powerful tool to create distributed and scalable applications.

Author: Kody