How you can help with autism research by walking for it

This is a departure in my usual writing on project management, but it’s something I’d like you to know about.
You may not be aware that I am active in advocacy for people with disabilities. I volunteer for many organizations and was appointed by my state governor to the Council on Developmental Disabilities. South Dakota Partners in Policymaking is also my graduation weekend. It has been a wonderful program, both educational and exhausting.
Tamara, my wife, and I will also be walking June 9th 2012 to raise money to Autism Speaks. This wonderful organization knows how to use resources to support research. There are many organizations that I would consider ‘crackpot’, so it’s great when there’s one that does a great job.
Recent studies have shown that autism affects 1 in 88 children (8 year olds) in the US. While numbers vary, this is a global problem. It is crucial that we find causes so that preventative measures can also be taken for the children in the future. We must also continue to develop and understand effective therapies and adaptations to ensure that individuals with autism can reach the full potential of our society.
Tamara and me have three amazing boys: Ryker, Draven and Mazaryk. They are amazing children, enjoying all the joys and challenges that a 7-year-old and 3-year-old provide. All three have developmental disabilities, with the youngest two having autism.

You can see why I feel this is important.
If you’d like to help Autism Speaks, please consider sponsoring me by clicking the link below.
Please leave your name when you make a donation. I would love to thank everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal.
We are grateful!
– Josh
We are grateful for your important contribution to the fight against autism.
Donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Autism Speaks501 (C)(3) Tax ID #: 20-22399838
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Author: Kody