New in 5.11: Cloud Files and Notifications

Update: Less email notifications and better file management
Notification Settings
ActiveCollab is sending you too many emails. You can now control how many email notifications you receive from ActiveCollab. This is the best option for people who want to be informed. People who need to get things done. Off: All project-related emails are disabled. You will only receive emails about account administration. This setting is best for people who strictly avoid email. It only affects emails, not notifications. You will still receive a notification on your My Work page and Updates. However, you won’t get an email. Daily recap email can be turned off or on by itself. Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive
Teams collaborate with Google Docs and Sheets on most projects. Additionally, Google Drive or Dropbox can be used to keep a central repository of files. You can attach files from your Dropbox or Google Drive to discussions, tasks, notes, and discussions. This allows you to organize your files and make them accessible to your team from a single location. This is especially helpful if you have documents that you update on a daily basis. ActiveCollab treats an attachment from Google Drive as a link, and will open the file in Google Docs. ActiveCollab cloud allows you to save space by using your Dropbox and Google accounts for storage.
What would you think? You don’t need to download a file to see its contents. ActiveCollab now allows you to view the entire document without having to download it. Did someone attach a Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet to ActiveCollab? ActiveCollab can open the attached files.
Images (png, svg, gif, jpg, ai…)
Text files (pdf, md, txt…)
Code files (js, php, css…)
Audio files (mp3, wav, flac …))
Video files (mp4, FLV, avi., wmv
This feature doesn’t require any setting. It just works. Only cloud accounts can be used to generate file previews. Smarter Invoice ID
ActiveCollab will suggest the invoice ID based on the previous invoice ID when you create a new bill. ActiveCollab will suggest the new invoice if your previous invoice ID was INV-16-35-35. ActiveCollab can also suggest a new invoice ID to override the suggested invoice ID.

Author: Kody