New Mention Types and New Task Menu

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the next monthly recap! We announced two changes last month and we are happy to announce that they have been released!
You can also notify multiple people at once. There are many ways to do this. Type @team-name to list the entire team. Only project members will be mentioned. You’ll also see the number of members who have been invited to the project. Hover to see the list of people invited to the party. You can tag everyone by using the @Project and @Everyone options. Another new option is @Task/Discussion/Note or @Here, for mentioning all the subscribers. You can also tag @Leader and @Assignee. The first is to notify a project leader, while the latter is to mention the task’s assignee and not verify who it is. Perhaps the best thing about this update is the connection to the Availability records. You can still mention one person at the time, but the novelty of the “Unavailable message” right next to someone’s name is what makes this update so special. To see what type of day it is, hover over it. This will allow you to instantly know if you can expect a response within the given day. New task menu
You don’t need to open the task in order to access task elements like the task list, assignee or due date. You can modify tasks by simply finding the three dots in the List or Column view. This menu is available when you add task cards. You can also set additional task properties that way.
February’s uptime was >99.99%. We intend to keep it that way throughout the year. We are here to help!
We will be busy in March with improved text input options that affect tasks, discussions and notes, as well as comments. We’ll also be working on a new feature. More information will follow. We are always interested to hear your feedback. Toodle-oo!

Author: Kody