New mobile app launched, in-app chat custom groups

Hello everyone! Here’s your monthly ActiveCollab update! This month, you’re in store for a treat: New mobile app
Chat groups for custom purposes
Project page improvements
ActiveCollab for Android and iOS
It’s finally here after a long wait! Our new app allows you to collaborate on the move. The mobile version of ActiveCollab won’t have all of the features, so you won’t be able to access them all. The ActiveCollab team is constantly improving and expanding the mobile app. Manage your projects and tasks, leave comments, reactions, and participate in discussions. You can read all details here or visit our help section. Chat in-app
As summer progresses, so does our new feature! Custom groups is the latest addition. Previously, you could only have conversations with people or teams that you had already created. You can now create chat groups directly from the site. Administrators can add or remove individuals from chats. Individuals can also leave chat groups at any time. You can always hit the Mute button if you don’t want to leave but are bothered by the notifications.
ActiveCollab’s June uptime was 99.97%. This is good, but not perfect. Our goal is to achieve 100% and our teams work hard to meet that goal. Let us know if you are having difficulties!
We will continue to work on the Projects page (filtering and sorting, labeling and many other things), which will likely be available in the Early Access Program by august. Our in-app Chat will be a place to share files. If you haven’t signed up for our Early Access Program, here’s a reminder to do so. If you have any questions, please share your thoughts with us via Twitter. We look forward to seeing you next month!

Author: Kody