PMP Exam Simulator changed on August 15th. In addition to the PMP Training Updates made for the changes in PMP exam, the 1,800 question?PMP Exam Simulator that I recommend is also being updated. Cornelius from OSP International sent me this message about the sample test simulator that I beta-tested, and which I recommend to affiliates. Hello PMI, The PMP exam will be changing on August 31st. August 30th is the last day you can take the “old-style” PMP Exam. Our PM Exam Simulator will be updated on August 15, 2011. This is two weeks before PMI. This will allow you to prepare for the new exam. These are the changes that will be made to your simulator on August 15, 2011.

  • Eliminate the Professional Responsibility Domain
  • Eliminate 170 questions about ethics from the simulator
  • To the simulator, add 170 “new styleā€¯ ethics questions
  • To ensure that the PMP exam specifications are followed, exchange questions from other domains.
  • All quizzes and exams taken by customers before August 15th will be removed.
  • Add enhanced statistics

What does this mean for you?

  • The PM Exam Simulator is still available until August 14, 2011. It follows the same guidelines as the “old” PMP Exam.
  • The PM Exam Simulator won’t be available on August 15, 2011. It is not possible to use it today.
  • Starting August 16, 2011, the PM Exam Simulator will follow the guidelines of “new” PMP Exam
  • Results of quizzes and exams taken prior to August 15th are no longer available.

You can continue to use The PM Exam Simulator if you take your PMP Exam between August 15 and 30th. The new changes will be primarily focused on the ethics questions. You can prepare for the “older” exam using the “new” simulator. While you will be asked different types of ethics questions, the simulator can still be helpful in your preparation. Start using the simulator if you are taking your PMP Exam after August 31st. It will help you prepare for the exam. It will now be compatible with the “new” exam specifications, effective August 16th. We look forward to continuing to support you on your journey to becoming a PMP.

Author: Kody