PMP Management is only the first step Image via Wikipedia…or another success story. What do you know about the “Pyramid of Needs”, Maslow’s theory? The final stage is self-actualization. I worked for a global company for 17 years. Over the last seven years, I have gained a lot of experience with international project work. I have set up a PMO and installed an information system for project management with global network access. The last stage requires preconditions. There was still no certificate and it was impossible to decide for PMP. by PMI? Timetable:

  • Oct 7: Kickoff
  • Oct 07 – December 07: Reading PMBoK Slowly
  • Dec 07, 2007: Participated in a one-week PMP-prep-seminar
  • Dec 07- Jan 08 Selfstudy different PMP-lectures and answered thousands questions to get used the examination.
  • Jan 28, 2008: Big smile passed PMP-Examination

Milestone was reached! After much preparation, I founded Pyramid Projects in June 2008. I invite you to visit my website. There you will also find information about project management. I love the Abraham Lincoln quote: “The best way predict your future is to make it!” Tom Have fun in life and have success on your job. Tom Do you need a PMP guide?

Author: Kody