Ransomware- Part 3 – Reality Check

Ransomware- Part 1 – Reality Check
Ransomware- Part 2: Reality Check
Ransomware- Part 3 – Reality Check
Ransomware: Interesting statistics
Let’s take a look to the most recent Ransomware statistics:
Graph One: The average ransom has increased steadily over the years. It is interesting that hackers often repeat successful attacks and hit victims repeatedly.

Graph Two: Ransomware attacks have caused major data loss and downtime for many companies. Ransomware has seen a double-digit increase in its overall cost over the past few years.

Graph Three: The most sophisticated strains are raised.

Graph Four: Attacks on SAS-based applications are increasing.

Graph Five: Windows OS are targeted often. Windows OS is more commonly used and updates are not performed, making it vulnerable.

Graph Six: Emails are still the main method of all cyberattacks. People are still falling prey to your social engineering, lack of basic cybersecurity training, weak passwords, poor access management, and poor awareness.

Graph Seven: Even countries with the most advanced security technology and a greater awareness of the threat are falling prey to digital extortion.

Graph Eight: Individual users as well as businesses will continue being targeted. URLs embedded within emails will continue to be the most common way for computers to get infected.

The global ransomware attack rate has risen to 68% annually by 2021. It is important to be able to identify ransomware, its causes, and what to do after it has occurred.

Ransomware: What’s the Deal?
Let’s take a look at some interesting questions about Ransomware attacks.
What is the most famous ransomware payout?
An insurance company paid $40 million for ransomware. They demanded 100,000,000, but received $40 million.
What is the current average ransom amount?
Around $ 200,000
What is the average downtime for a company after a ransomware attacks?
It all depends on the sophistication of the attack and the company. The average downtime for a company when they are attacked by ransomware is 21 calendar days.
What is the biggest healthcare data breach?
Ireland Anthem Breach 2015: 80 Million People were affected.
What is the most popular ransomware attack tactic to date?
Email phishing campaigns
Which ransomware variant has been used to attack more than 100 financial institutions?
LokiBot: More Than $2 Million
What was FedEx’s payment for NotPetya’s ransomware attack and how much?
$300 million
After receiving a ransom note, which Chief Executive paid hackers $4.4 Million in bitcoin?
CEO Blount- Colonial Pipeline was an oil sector in the southern US. It was the subject of an operational technology attack.
What is the most common ransomware attack in India
Crypto ransomware – They used to mine cryptocurrency.
What are the top three ransomware attack in India?
Hacking of Power Utilities in AP and Telangana, UHBVN Ransomware Attack.
Response- NIST Incident Response Framework
The Incident Response Framework is defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an American government department. Follow these steps if you have been affected by Ransomware.

They identify four steps:
Step 1: Preparation
Planning is an important part of countermeasures. If you notice any unusual activity in your system, notify your higher officials.
For example, I would immediately call my manager if I was unable to log into my work system.
Step2: Detection & Analysis
These are the detection and analysis methods that should be used as part of the action plan.
Assessment of vulnerability
Penetration Testing
Frequent checks
AntiVirus monitors and scans your system continuously in the background, when you run monthly o

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