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Earning certifications can help you earn a higher salary than the market average, and allow you to be eligible for new opportunities and responsibilities. Are you interested in becoming a Salesforce Pardot consultant? Are you looking for the right resources to get a quick overview? You’re in luck, as we have our Expert Cheat sheet. These certification exams require expert guidance and proper training to ensure your success. This Ultimate Cheat Sheet will provide you with all the information you need. Let’s take a look at the exam details.
Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant: Exam Overview
TheSalesforce Certified Pardot Consult examis for those who are proficient in implementing Pardot statements and can explain Salesforce management concepts that correspond to Pardot features. Pardot’s marketing automation capabilities allow candidates to invent and implement solutions that meet customers’ long-term commitment goals and business needs.
It is highly recommended that candidates have the following knowledge to pass the exam:
Identifying and understanding the customer’s current marketing and sales strategies is the first step.
Second, Mapping customers want to use Pardot features.
Third, Recommending automation methods for achieving business objectives.
Afterwards, Articulating the connections between technical setup and its importance.
Analyzing the existing lead requirements strategy and making suggestions for translating it into Pardot.
Pardot reporting also allows for the interpretation of data to make recommendations for system optimization.
Additionally, you can also set up and evaluate dashboards/reports in B2B marketing analytics.
Then, you will be responsible for coordinating different distribution goals of a company using Pardot Business Units.
Also, developing and administering integration between Pardot & Salesforce.
Finally, take the time to review the resources in this Exam Guide as well as any additional study materials provided by Pardot.
Salesforce Pardot Consultant Exam Cheat Sheet
Preparation is key to passing any exam. Revisions are an essential part of your journey to this certification. This requires consistency and determination. This Cheat Sheet will give you a detailed overview of the learning resources available and the steps required to pass the exam.
1. Review the Salesforce Pardot Certified Exam Objectives
First, you need to go through the official exam guide. This Salesforce exam guide contains all the information potential aspirants might need. This exam guide has been designed to help you prepare for your exam and study in the most efficient way. Bookmark this exam guide to make it easy to refer back to the information whenever you need. Make sure you are familiar with the objectives and course domains. These are the domains covered by this exam:
Evaluation (17%)
Analyzing and making recommendations for a future path.
Designing a strategy that recognizes customer business needs based on current marketing trends using available tools and methods
Configuration of an Account (20%)
Articulating the implications and importance of technical setup (Salesforce Documentation:Account Settings)
Develop a plan to preserve data integrity during data migration (Salesforce documentation: Your Guide to Asset and Data Migrating)
Create and recommend a strategy to approach authorization and organization (Salesforce Documentation:Using Naming Convention)
Automating Business Processing (17%)
Recommend the best automation tool, such as the automation rule

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