Top 10 Reasons Cisco Certification is a Great Investment

Cisco certification is a great way to kickstart your career in networking and strengthen your existing portfolio. Cisco certification has many benefits. Here are our top ten reasons to become Cisco certified.
Image Credit: Cisco DevNet 1. The Networking Leader will award you certification
Cisco pioneered routing technology and switched technologies. It continues to be a leader in this field with the largest market share and the most installed base. Today’s Internet traffic is largely carried over networks built with Cisco infrastructure products. Your skills will be more marketable and in demand if you are certified and trained to work with Cisco products. IDC recently discovered that 70% of IT leaders seek certifications to prove their qualifications.
2. Certification is the foundation upon which networking careers are built
Cisco certifications have been highly sought after by employers and network engineers around the world since the inception of the program. Recent research by IDC shows that Cisco skills are more sought after than 97 percent in terms of hiring requirements.2 This is a clear indication of the importance of having a deep understanding of network infrastructure, protocols, and how they interact. This need is growing. Cisco certification gives you the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in networking as new technologies emerge. This program teaches you how to monitor, install, and troubleshoot network infrastructure products that are at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT).
3. You have more career options with certification
Your IT career options are seemingly endless with a Cisco certification. IDC found that 71% of organizations seek IT certifications for hiring or promoting employees.3 Your core skills can be applied to technologies such cloud, collaboration, network programmability and wireless security. These specialties are driving IT forward. Cisco will be there to help you take your career in any direction you desire.
4. Network Evolution in the Digital Era is possible with certification
The network infrastructure is undergoing radical changes as digitization drives business to transform. The manual process of managing traditional networks has been replaced by a programmable network architecture that relies on virtualization, automation and cloud service management. This allows for openness, extensibility, flexibility, and analytics. Recent IDC research shows that network architects and engineers are the most important roles in IT to support these changes. This shift is essential for professionals who want to excel in IT networking. Cisco offers Digital Network Architecture (CiscoDNA) to help you harness the power of today’s network.
5. You are always up-to-date on all the latest technology developments through certification
Technology is constantly changing and IT professionals are trying to keep up. Sixty-four per cent of IT professionals worldwide are currently preparing for certifications this year.
6. You can stand out from your employer by obtaining certification
Global Knowledge reports that more than 90% of IT professionals believe certifications make their staff more productive.5 This is a signal to your employer that you are serious about your career. Managers are attracted to this kind of initiative.

Author: Kody