AWS Amplify now works with Google’s Flutter SDK. AWS Amplify is now compatible with the Google Flutter software development tool. AWS Amplify provides a set of tools that allow developers to build scalable Web and mobile applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amplify allows you to connect and configure your app backends in minutes. You can also deploy static web apps in just a few clicks. It is also easy to manage app content outside of the AWS console, according AWS’ Amplify product website. Amplify supports development for iOS and Android, as well as React Native. Amplify for Flutter is now available to all users. It has been available in developer preview since August last year and was made generally available this month. Amplify can now access the Flutter open-source UI SDK stewarded Google. According to AWS, it’s “designed…for customers that have invested in Flutter ecosystem and want to take advantage the power of AWS.” AWS announced the release. AWS states that Amplify Flutter has been updated with key features since the developer preview. These include a GraphQL API backed up by AWS AppSync, as well as REST APIs and handlers that use Amazon API Gateway or AWS Lambda. The Amplify DataStore is also new. It allows users to work with “shared or distributed data” in both offline and online scenarios without writing any code. AWS also offers a “HostedUI” feature that allows for authentication and identity management. The announcement also mentions:

  • Authentication. Amplify Flutter is an interface that authenticates a user. It allows use cases such as Sign-Up, Sign In, and Multi-Factor authentication. It provides authorization to other Amplify categories. It also supports identity and user pools in Cognito.
  • Storage. Amplify Flutter allows you to manage user content in your app’s public, private, or protected storage buckets. It supports upload, download, and deletion of objects, and by default, it supports Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Analytics. Amplify Flutter allows you to collect tracking data from authenticated and unauthenticated users in Amazon Pinpoint. You can easily record events, and extend the default functionality to include custom metrics or attributes, as needed.

You can find more information on the Amplify Fly documentation page.

Author: Kody