CEHV10: Raise the Bar

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is constantly growing. Cyberattacks have seen a dramatic rise in frequency due to the increase in organization websites. This is driving the demand for cyber professionals with advanced skills and abilities.

Multiple organizations around the globe have chosen a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) as their preferred choice. This is because of his/her ability to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems, and to think like a malicious hackers. The IT sector, as well as any business with an internet presence, is seeking skilled CEHs to secure their network. This field offers huge career opportunities. Ethical Hacking is a competitive skill that requires a higher level of education.
Infosec train offers the latest CEH v10 training program. Infosec train’s trainers are sensitive to the needs of professionals and tailor the training to meet them. They ensure that professionals are able to keep up with the latest developments in this field. This training program, which is a 10th update of the CEH course aims to give illegal hackers the knowledge and techniques they use to hack a network. This course is designed to help professionals develop their thinking and working skills as a malicious hacker. This course teaches you how to scan, test and hack target systems. The CEH v10 updated course includes:
Practical exam CEH
More attention on Cloud attack vectors and AI, as well as Machine Learning
Revised vulnerability assessment material
A module on Internet of Things (IoT Security)
CEH v10 is the best course for professionals who are already working in this field.
Network security professionals and officers
Site administrators
Analyst or manager in IS/IT
Consultant or IS/IT auditor
Manager of IT operations
IT security analyst, manager, administrator, or architect
Auditor, engineer, or IT security officer
Analyst, network specialist, manager, architect or consultant.
Technical support engineer
Senior systems engineer
Administrator or systems analyst
This new certification program in Cybersecurity promises a brighter future.

Author: Kody