Make the most of your CompTIA Community Membership

CompTIA’s heart, the community members are thought leaders, influencers, ambassadors, and thought leaders who help to advance the tech industry and their own careers and businesses. Joining a CompTIA Community is a great way to make professional connections and have an impact on the technology sector. We’ve said this before and we’ll repeat it again: The people are the best part of your CompTIA Membership. It is extremely beneficial for your professional and personal development, as well as your business’s success, to make connections with people from all industries. Joining a CompTIA Community is one of the best ways you can forge these connections.
CompTIA is strong because of the strength of our member-led communities. CompTIA’s heart is made up of community members who act as ambassadors, influencers, and thought leaders to help advance the tech industry and their own careers and businesses. You can be one of them!
How to join a CompTIA community
CompTIA members have the chance to work together on technology and business-building projects, network with peers and open doors for new partnerships, and contribute to shaping the future of the industry. How do you get started?
Take a look at our topic-focused communities.
Exploring communities that are focused on the same industry topics as you or are crucial to your career is a surefire way to find people. Mark Sokol, Liongard’s VP of Marketing, is a member the Managed Services Community. He believes that universal business insights are the best part of being involved in a community. Your business can benefit from the sharing of best practices, firsthand experiences, and trading tips and techniques.
He said that MSPs are generally having the same problems. “By giving them just one idea, it can be very impactful.”
These communities are industry-specific:
Advancement of Tech Talent and Diversity (ATTD).
Emerging Technology
Managed Services
Check out these regional communities.
You feel instantly connected when you meet someone new and learn they are from your hometown. CompTIA members who make up our regional communities use this commonality to help advance the tech industry in their region. Joining your “home town” group if you are a resident or work in these regions is a great way to get started.
These are some of the regional communities you should check out:
ANZ Business Technology
Benelux Business Technology
Canadian Business Technology
UK Business Technology

After you have chosen the group or groups you wish to engage in, it is easy to join. You can login or join each community’s page.
You can join other communities once you are a member. Select “Group Management” from the dashboard. Click “Join” to join the communities you choose. That’s it! You’re in.
Are you ready to meet your people? CompTIA Communities.
Why join a CompTIA Community
We could go on about the benefits to being involved in one or more CompTIA communities, however we prefer that you hear it directly form our members.
Jennifer Bleam, founder and owner of MSP Sales Revolution, says her love for new technology is the reason she joined the Emerging Technology community.
She said, “I love learning new technology and showing IT service provider how they can monetize it.” “Innovation is a great way for you to stand out in a crowded market. Anything I can do that adds value to the channel community is a win for me.”
George van Brugge was the founder of Portland. He received a recommendation by a colleague to join Benelux Business Technology Community.
He said, “The independent nature of the largest IT community global [association], and the vast amount relevant content made it an easy decision.” “Our MSP customers will reap the benefits of joining.”
Networking: What is it important?
Despite the shift to remote work and virtual events networking still holds great value. It is more important than ever to meet people and make connections. It’s easy and fun to join a CompTIA Community for virtual and in-person networking.
You’ll be invited to community meetings as a member. But there’s more. Our annual Communities & Councils Forum gives members the chance to discuss and respond on some of the most pressing issues in the tech industry.
ChannelCon is open to all members. Members who register online for ChannelCon will be able to access three days of inspiring learning, collaboration and development that are essential to growing business today and tomorrow. There are also

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