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Srini, a member of the Community, asked me about iPhone apps that can help prepare for the PMP exam.
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I have no experience with iPhone apps. I don’t even own a smartphone remotely similar to an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Never.
However, I do have a desire for helping others. Before you spend your hard-earned cash, take a look at my findings and the comments section to see if others have shared their experiences.
I can only recommend 2 products because I have personally used them. These products are not iPhone apps, but they work on mobile devices. They are available here and here. (Note:? These products work well on mobile devices, but I have only had personal experience with them on a computer. For more information, see the info pages.
First off
My? My general advice is to not? Do not buy anything that is designed to help you remember for the exam. This is the focus of one company.
I suggest that you make your exam a learning experience that helps you to understand the PMI standard and not just pass it. While that is your primary goal, you will get more from studying for the PMP if it is approached with an “I want to know this stuff” attitude.
If you are able to comprehend the standard, the exam should be relatively easy to pass. (That’s what the exam is supposed to be testing for!)
These reviews are often very limited. It’s possible for these companies to have positive reviews. It is also possible for competitors to place negative reviews. Are there negative reviews of other products? [I tend to think the best about people, but you never really know]
These are the things you should do if you have experience with them
Leave a comment Let us know your thoughts. Please leave a comment and rating below on the other sites that I used for my research so that everyone knows what is good or bad.
What I Found
This is what I found using appstorehq and pmopinions as references. Please take this with a grain. I don’t make any money from any of these products. I’ll tell you what I found, and what I would buy if I had to. (I don’t blame you if you buy something that’s rubbish !!!)

The PMP iPhone app doesn’t seem to get many rave reviews. It seems like they got it right. They could make a shoddy product at a low price and get away with it. This one has received a few reviews from the app store.
“App has potential, but it seems that it needs some QA. This is quite ironic considering the subject matter. It’s not bad, but it is best to use loosely for PMP preparation. It seems that not all the material is available in Pmbok. I found a few bugs, including missing and faulty data and filler questions that had no relevance to Pmp.
“I bought this application and took my first exam. I have encountered incomplete questions, missing graphics, and even one medical query. “Inside the skull cavity, the vertebral vessels form the _____ artery. This question is not what I paid for. This app needs QC, as per the previous review.
PMP Mnemonics
This one is not my favorite. It seems to be primarily focused on memorization. They make the following statement in their description of the product:
“You are advised 21 times to listen to our specially-designed eBooks.”
Wha???? People, we aren’t learning any language. Trained responses are not what you should be aiming for. This product seems to be focused on memorization and not understanding concepts. This is my opinion, but I haven’t purchased it. There were 2 reviews that I found, and one might have been a pirate.
“Don’t waste your time with this crap.” [Arrghhh matey!]
“Yes!! It’s very useful for me to learn.

Author: Kody