This Week: The Help Desk

It is not always glamorous to work at the help desk. You are building a foundation to a career as an IT professional. You are developing soft skills as well as technical skills. We discussed how to accept help desk work, how long to stay in the position, and certifications that will help you transition out.
How long should you stay at the Help Desk?
You might be satisfied with the help desk right at this moment. You may be content with the help desk right at this moment. You might be content at the help desk right now. But when is it time to move on? If you rush too quickly, you might not be ready. If you stay too long, you might miss out on great opportunities. How long should you stay?
Five Certifications to Get You Off the Help Desk
The best thing about working at a help desk is that you can build a solid foundation for your IT career. You can move from being a help desk employee to becoming an IT professional by earning certification. These certifications are well worth your time.
How to stop worrying about the Help Desk and instead love it
It can be tedious work and you won’t always be the centre of attention. There are many things you love about working at a help desk. It is a great opportunity to embrace it. We have compiled a list that will help you see why desk life is amazing.
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Author: Kody